SHS Extreme Abrasion Coatings

Weld Overlay Wire

Weartech SHS wear-resistant flux-cored weld overlay wires can be welded in the GMAW and OAW processes.

Hardbanding Wire

Weartech's hardband materials offer crack-free, casing-friendly tool joint protection. With proven performance over industry standard materials, Weartech hardband wires outlast the competition in the harshest drilling environments. Our Guardian hardbanding wires are easily welded over themselves and other hardbands, making them the ideal choice for application in the shop or field.

Thermal Spray Wire

Weartech SHS thermal spray wires feature very high wear resistance and hardness. These coatings offer superior bond strength without the need of a bond coat and can be applied in the shop or in-situ. Applications include boiler tubes, LPA screens, burner nozzles and fracking blenders.

PTA Weld Powder

Weartech SHS weld powders feature maximum abrasion and resistance in a variety of industries including agriculture, oil &gas and mining.


Weartech SHS stick electrodes are iron-based steel alloys with a near nanoscale microstructure featuring exceptional abrasive wear resistance and 67-70 HRc hardness in single pass weld deposits.

HVOF Powder

Weartech SHS thermal spray powders feature exceptional resistance to abrasion, erosion, corrosion and impact.